Melatonin Found To Be Useful For Post Transplantation Stem Cell Survival

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A study conducted by Chinese researchers uncovered that melatonin helps stem cells recover faster after transplantation. The researchers treated mesenchymal stem cells with melatonin before transplanting them into the brains of lab animals. The overall goal was to help the animals better recover from stroke. In prevous studies, approximately 80% of the animal patients died after transplantation. With melatonin involved, the survival rate skyrocketed.

Melatonin Stem Cells

This is important because anything that helps stem cells survive longer and function more effectively bodes extremely well for people who might need stem cell treatment for an illness.

Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin said it best:

“It is important to identify factors that can impact on the survival of stem cells following their potential therapeutic use for a variety of neurological disorders. This study suggests that melatonin pretreatment could be a factor and its role should be explored further with other disease models and other cell types.”

Check out the official study here.

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