Is Melatonin Safe For Kids?

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No. Melatonin affects a slew of hormones within our bodies. While this is okay with adults, it’s not okay with children. Kids’ bodies are constantly developing, so their hormones really need to be left alone.¬†According to the National Institute of Health, “Melatonin should not be used in most children. It is possibly unsafe. Because of its effects on other hormones, melatonin might interfere with development.” 1

More specifically, melatonin affects the ways in which the testes and ovaries function. This means that it could potentially affect a child’s sexual development. Until more studies are conducted, we don’t recommend giving melatonin to your children. If you absolutely must, at least speak with his or her physician first.

Instead of relying on drugs, try more conventional methods like instituting a bedtime, making sure the child doesn’t nap through the day and turning the television off early.

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