Tolerance To Melatonin Explained

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Melatonin is a great supplement useful for improving your sleep and blood pressure. However, it’s a hormone for which building a tolerance is unfortunately very easy. Simply put, if you consume melatonin every single night to sleep, it will slowly but surely start to lose its effect. As an example, melatonin works best for me Monday through Tuesday. By the time the weekend hits, I’ve rebuilt my tolerance so it doesn’t work quite as effectively.

Melatonin Tolerance

Combating Melatonin Tolerance

The key to avoiding melatonin tolerance lies in switching up your routine. To be perfectly honest, I get so drunk on the weekends that I don’t need it to sleep. This helps refresh my body so that melatonin affects it much better on Monday. I definitely do not recommend following my irresponsible path, but do consider alternatives:

  • Take melatonin ever other day.
  • Use other sleeping aids.
  • Take a night off here and there.

It’s kind of like working out. If you bench press in the exact same way every single time for weeks on end, you won’t experience any muscle growth. You have to effectively shock your system. Likewise, you need to keep your body guessing when it comes to melatonin.

It also helps if you stick to low dosages. I prefer a 5mg time-release tablet 30 minutes before bed, but researchers claim that a 0.3mg tablet taken two to three hours earlier works just as well. It also lowers the likelihood of your body developing tolerance.

Relying On Quality Melatonin Brands

Do your best to buy good-quality melatonin. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with generic versions of melatonin, I suspect that the brand versions work best. Plus, brands often package melatonin with other helpful substances like Vitamin B6. These help it function better and thus give you a better, longer and more refreshing sleep.

Trying Other Methods

Just because you start consuming melatonin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make other efforts to manage your sleep. The truth is that using the sort of methods below will not only enhance your overall sleep, but it’ll only enhance the effectiveness of this hormone:

  • Maintain a regular bedtime.
  • Wake up at the same time every morning.
  • Avoid naps.
  • Increase daytime exposure to sunlight.
  • Turn off all electronics in your room an hour early.            
  • Use lower-level light bulbs.


Tolerance isn’t inevitable, but it is commonplace among hardcore users of this substance. Try to lower the dosage you consume. Try to take a day off here and there. Stick to quality brands. And last but not least, make other efforts to enhance your sleep.

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